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Who We Are

Internationally established over 15+ years ago with consultants and affiliate companies spread across the world, providing services to aspiring and skilled professionals interested to work in a nation they are not born in. Work Abroad.
We offer four pathways to your goal to work abroad. We specialize in working with individuals and families and identifying unique and customize pathways to legally work abroad.
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Benefits of uploading your resume

International Exposure

Your Resume gets published to over 500+ global recruiters. The number of recruiters we work with increases every month! Upload your profile on a platform accessed by recruiters from 27+ countries.

Direct Interviews

No. We don't promise interviews overnight. No one can. The selection process in place purely works on Skills Vs Demand basis. But any interviews you land will be direct with the recruiter, no middle men. Direct sponsors.

No Hidden Costs

Yes. That's right. You pay $19.00 to upload your resume. And that's to cover our admin costs. You don't pay anything else to anyone. If you get selected, your sponsor is legally obliged to pay for costs to process your visa application.

Third Party Recruiters

Your resume is regularly and securely shared with our carefully selected third party recruiters. These are licenced and registered agencies in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and the EU. This is additional exposure you get on an international platform.

Our Services

Expert Consultation

Get advice from professionals accredited in the country you want to work in.


Experienced immigration attorneys from your country of interest, prepare and file for you visa. Not some local agent with no clue.

Local Guidance

After visa approval, get support abroad, for guidance on accommodation, applying skilled jobs, references and legalities.

Registered Agents

For easier access, we have our approved agents around the world. You can contact your local agent to access our services.