Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions our job seekers and agents ask most. If you don't find your answer here, you can email us at However due to high volumes of emails we receive everyday, you may only receive a response after 10-15 days. If your question is related to visa, jobs, stay overseas or status after resume upload we cannot reply to your query, unless you are pathway applicant of Expert Assessment Route or EU, AUS Canada Route or Get Experience Route.

What we offer is a good chance of your resume selection by recruiters abroad IF your skills and qualifications are closest match to any openings they have or will have in the future. So uploading your resume on JobsAbroadNow, is giving you global visibility and a chance of getting shortlisted. We are the world's number one resourcing portal.

Your resume stays active and accessible to our recruiters for 1 year. You can always upload a latest one whenever you want. The wait time depends entirely on the job market, openings and demand, but more importantly if your skills fit the role. So, to answer your question, depending entirely on the resourcing market, some candidates get a response almost immediately after uploading (in 2-3 days), others get interviews in weeks and some may have to wait a few months or longer. The response is entirely driven by demand and need.

Our experts recommend that you use professional services to create your resume to increase your chances of getting shortlisted. It is usually not just skills matched by our algorithm, your presentation of the resume matters too. Keep it clear and simple. Our experts also recommend keeping your resume up to date, upload every six months with any latest experience you may have acquired. Plus, we have no limitation on how many times you can upload your resume, you can renew your resume every year or earlier if you wish to for best chances.

Usually they first send out an email directly to you to check your availability for a telephone interview. Generally, you are expected to respond within 48 hours or sooner if you can. After agreeing a date and time, a resourcing agent calls you and facilitates a telephone interview. If you clear that, a video interview will be scheduled. Some recruiters conduct further interviews to shortlist, whilst some don't and kick start the process of getting your visa type sorted.

No. You don't have to pay any sort of fee to recruiters from abroad or our representative agents in your home country. The only fee if you choose to, is to JobsAbroadNow directly and only through this website for the services offered on this website. DO NOT pay any third party members, agents or recruiters. You can contact us at Or at to report any unauthorized payment requests.

DO NOT PAY. This could be a scam. Even if they claim to be from JobsAbroadNow. JobsAbroadNow OR it's authorized agents OR approved recruiters NEVER ask for any form of payment. The only fee IF you choose to, is for the services offered. And payments are only to be made via DO NOT PAY ANYONE. JobsAbroadNow or it's agents are not responsible for any refunds if you make an unauthorized payment in any format.

NO. No payments are to be made. An approved recruiter is legally obliged to apply for your visa, ensure the process is done legally and provide you with air tickets at their own cost. You are not expected to pay anything. They are also obliged to provide you accommodation for 8 weeks after your arrival into the country. And NO payments are expected from you whilst the process is ongoing, or after the process is done, and no payments are expected after you are abroad. After 8 weeks you are expected to start paying for your own accommodation, transport, utilities and sustenance since your salary would start getting paid by then.

NO. DO NOT PAY. First, check if the agent is listed on our website. NONE of our agents at any level are authorized to take payments on our behalf. They have no control over the process, and cannot promise you faster process. If an agent demands any form of payment email us at or Our legal board will take necessary action.

You can always apply for an appeal. And as a general rule of thumb, if your documentation is meeting all visa requirements, they are approved. So a lot depends on how the paperwork is presented. You can choose to stay with recruiter to have your visa processed for free. Or you can choose our expert services. If you are using our services, we apply for up to 1 appeal for free, unless you have provided false information. Recruiters may or may not choose to appeal, it's entirely at their discretion. It is not compulsory to use our expert visa services.

That depends on the country you applied for, and the urgency of the role. You may reach out to us after the interview with details for a better estimate.

Our headquarters is in the USA, but we are a truly global firm, with our agents, consultants, expert legal associates, solicitors and global recruiters are spread all over the world. We are also an effective firm offering everything you need at your door step. We do not maintain luxury offices and charge you a premium for that. our local agents work from their own offices, our attorneys work from their offices across the globe. Yes, if you are close to one of them, you may be able to meet a JobsAbroadNow representative locally at an office.

We do not offer refunds. Partial refunds are only offered if you selected expert consultation or one of the pathways and wish to withdraw. The amount of refund depends on time lapsed, administrative charges and any other deductions. We do not offer refund for resume uploads or agent applications.

JobsAbroadNow is not a job site, we are a resourcing portal. Unlike job sites focused on one country, with recruiters posting open jobs for resumes, JobsAbroadNow works the other way around. Job seekers post their resumes stating they are looking for a job. Our 100s of approved recruiters from across the globe login and check regularly for new resumes to fit their needs. This is reverse search. It also helps deal with fraudulent job applications. Some candidates change resume to suit the role advertised, this wastes a lot of time for our recruiters.

With hundreds of recruiters actively searching for new job seekers, there are usually thousands of openings across the globe spread across various job sectors. Just think of the possibilities! Hundreds from across the world are shortlised and go on to work abroad.

Yes, anyone can become an agent. You can be an agent and a job seeker on JobsAbroadNow. However, we do not offer refunds or adjustments. You have to pay agent application fee for the level you select. Agents however can upload resume for free.

Yes you can withdraw your resume at anytime. Just write to with your full name and email ID used to upload. Your resume will be withdrawn within 48 hours. We've never had a withdrawal request until now.

We offer four routes
The Job Route - The upload fee is $19.00 globally.
For other routes:
Expert Assessment Route
EU, AUS and Canada Route
Get Experience Route
Every applicant is unique. They apply from various countries, with different requirements, different skills and qualifications and across so many job sectors. And we provide advise to fit to your needs and don't apply a one size fits all policy. Therefore, it is impossible to advertise fee for our services. If you are interested to use services offered, get in touch and get a quotation.

JobsAbroadNow does not offer visas. It's our approved recruiters that apply and process your visas, legally and depending on regulations in their country. So it entirely depends on what fits their needs and the country they are established in.

YES. Recruiters follow their country's legal rules and follow the process accurately. JobsAbroadNow has stringent recruiter verification rules, most of the companies are over 10+ years old with strong references and in good standing with their respective governments with all licenses in place. Plus, once the process starts you will be dealing not only with the company but with the respective country consulate in your home country.

As an agent, you can expect commission from JobsAbroadNow, if a candidate referred by you chooses one of these three routes:
Expert Assessment Route
EU, AUS and Canada Route
Get Experience Route
The commission will entirely depend on how long you've been an agent with us, what level of approval you have, and the overall level of services used by the candidate you referred.
You must never accept or charge any fee of any sort from job seekers. At JobsAbroadNow, we terminate agents misusing their alliance with JobsAbroadNow and take strict legal action.

That totally depends on how many candidates you are able to refer to us. And how many actually use the services. As an general example, some of our agents based in Brazil make $100 a year, but some of their counterparts in India make $450 a month. Again these are not guidelines. These are just examples of agents bringing in anywhere from 1-7 candidates. There is no guarantee of any fixed commission from JobsAbroadNow, it's completely dependent on other factors.

NO. We have stringent rules in place that are aligned to government regulations. Whatever is paid to the agent is NOT charged on candidate's overall charges.

NO We give our agents a unique ID, this is used to upload candidate's resume. Even if the resume is already with us, you can simply quote the full first and last name with their date of birth and email ID used. The candidate will be diverted to you. Most of our job seekers prefer to work with agents anyway. So most of the time we have candidates requesting for local agents and are directed to agents even if our agents did not refer them to us in the first place. For JobsAbroadNow, it's easier and cost effective to work with local agent than directly with the candidate, so we usually refer candidates to a local agent. It's a win win.

Yes, we can assist you with information on trusted agencies providing accommodation, and can guide you with what steps and precautions you need to take before you sign a letting or a lease.